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18 Famous Filming Locations You Can Book for a Destination Wedding

Wedding Destination

Are you a movie buff dreaming of a fairytale wedding in a breathtaking location? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 18 famous filming locations that double as stunning venues for your dream destination wedding. From romantic beaches to historic castles, these places have witnessed on-screen magic and are ready to host your own love story.


Imagine exchanging vows in the same location where your favorite movie scenes were shot. This article is your guide to turning that dream into reality. Below, we’ll explore 18 iconic filming locations that offer more than just cinematic history; they offer the backdrop to your once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Santorini, Greece: Where Blue and White Dreams Come True

With its stunning architecture and breathtaking sunsets, Santorini has been featured in numerous films and advertisements. Now, it can be the backdrop for your own romantic wedding, with its white-washed buildings and crystal-clear waters creating an idyllic atmosphere.

Verona, Italy: Romance Amidst Shakespearean History

Verona, the setting for Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” oozes romance. Its ancient streets and historic charm set the scene for an intimate and unforgettable wedding in the heart of Italian culture.

Maui, Hawaii: Tropical Paradise and Hollywood Glamour

The lush landscapes of Maui have graced the silver screen in many films. This tropical paradise offers a mix of beachfront elegance and Hollywood allure, making it perfect for couples seeking a luxurious and laid-back wedding.

Dubrovnik, Croatia: A Medieval Backdrop for Modern Love

Dubrovnik’s medieval architecture and stunning coastal views have attracted filmmakers for years. Now, you can say your vows against the backdrop of its ancient walls, creating a blend of old-world charm and modern love.

Jaipur, India: A Royal Affair in the Pink City

Known as the Pink City, Jaipur’s opulent palaces and vibrant culture have been showcased in several films. Experience a royal wedding like no other, complete with intricate architecture and rich traditions.

Bali, Indonesia: Exotic Beauty and Serenity

Bali’s exotic landscapes have set the stage for many movies. If you’re seeking a tranquil wedding surrounded by lush jungles and serene beaches, Bali offers a unique blend of beauty and peace.

Paris, France: Elegance and Love Along the Seine

The City of Love needs no introduction. Paris’s iconic landmarks and timeless charm provide a sophisticated backdrop for a wedding filled with elegance and romance.

New York City, USA: Urban Chic and Iconic Landmarks

For couples who adore the urban vibe, New York City offers a dynamic setting. From Central Park to the Manhattan skyline, the city that never sleeps promises a wedding as diverse and vibrant as the metropolis itself.

Edinburgh, Scotland: A Tale of Old World Charm

With its cobblestone streets and medieval architecture, Edinburgh transports you to a fairytale setting. Whether you opt for a castle or a quaint chapel, Scotland’s capital promises a wedding steeped in history and charm.

Kyoto, Japan: Tranquility in a Cultural Haven

Kyoto’s temples, traditional tea houses, and serene gardens have graced the screen in various films. This cultural haven offers a wedding imbued with tranquility and the richness of Japanese heritage.

Cape Town, South Africa: Where Two Oceans Meet

Cape Town’s stunning landscapes have been captured in movies across genres. Surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, this city offers a wedding of dramatic coastal beauty and vibrant urban culture.

Istanbul, Turkey: Where East Meets West in Grandeur

Straddling two continents, Istanbul’s majestic architecture and rich history have been showcased in numerous films. A wedding here is a fusion of cultures and grandeur that creates an unforgettable experience.

Prague, Czech Republic: Baroque Romance and Gothic Allure

Prague’s old-world charm, baroque architecture, and Gothic cathedrals have provided the setting for countless movies. A wedding in this city is a journey through time, filled with romance and architectural marvels.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia: A Beachfront Paradise

If you’ve always dreamed of a beachfront wedding, Bora Bora is your answer. Its turquoise waters, overwater bungalows, and coral reefs offer an intimate and picturesque setting.

Vienna, Austria: Musical Notes and Imperial Grandeur

Vienna’s musical heritage and imperial palaces have graced the screen in various films. For couples seeking a wedding filled with classical elegance, this city of symphonies offers a harmonious backdrop.

Amalfi Coast, Italy: Cliffside Beauty and Mediterranean Magic

The Amalfi Coast’s stunning coastline and charming villages have been the backdrop for romantic films. With its breathtaking views and Mediterranean allure, this destination promises a wedding of natural beauty and seaside enchantment.


Choosing a wedding destination is a pivotal moment in your journey as a couple. By selecting one of these 18 famous filming locations, you not only infuse your wedding with cinematic history but also create a backdrop for your own love story that will be cherished forever.


Can I visit these locations before booking?

Absolutely! Most of these locations are open for tourists, allowing you to explore them before making a decision.

Are these locations budget-friendly for weddings?

While some locations can be expensive, there are often options to suit different budgets. Research and planning are key.

Can I have a legal wedding ceremony at these destinations?

Yes, but the legal requirements vary from country to country. Be sure to research the legalities before finalizing your plans.

Do these destinations offer wedding planning services?

Many of them do. You can often work with local wedding planners to make your dream wedding a reality.

Are these locations suitable for elopements and intimate weddings?

Absolutely. Many of these locations offer a range of venues to accommodate weddings of all sizes, including elopements and intimate gatherings